Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Thank you for coming to take this spiritual gifts assessment. Our sincere hope and prayer is that you find this tool helpful as you seek to discover how God can use you to accomplish His work. This assessment will help identify how God has wired and gifted you to serve. It will help identify places where you are more likely to succeed and find fulfillment. Even so, we recommend you try different opportunities and see what resonates well with you. Most gifts can be applied across a broad range of opportunities so do not view the recommendations as the only possible places you can serve.

You'll need to complete the assessment in one session. Your results are not stored on our server and you'll need to start over if you do not complete it or navigate away from the assessment. The good news is the entire assessment takes only about 15-20 minutes.

Your results are confidential. You will receive an email with your results and have the option to share your results with your campus pastor. We also encourage you to enter your top 3 gifts into Church Community Builder (CCB is our online community). CCB can use your gifts as well as your passions and skills to help match you with specific service opportunities at New Life.

Before completing any spiritual task it is wise to seek God's direction. Take a moment now and ask God to help you to accurately view yourself while you take this assessment.

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